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Experience Over Exposure

Brands are always looking for new ways to stay ahead, grow their loyal customer base, and set themselves apart from competitors. As digital continues to takeover, the rules are changing and more advertising dollars are being spent on creating an…


Comeback Kid Brands and How They Did It

It always comes to a shock when I hear that someone does not have brand preference, but of course for advertising people, brands are always in our focus. We also cringe from second-hand embarrassment when something goes wrong, especially when…


Our Experience Hosting The 2015 ADDYs

Our Experience Hosting The ADDYs The American Advertising Awards, formerly known as the ADDYs, is an annual award show given by the American Advertising Federation (AAF), to honor the very best creative work in the industry. Attracting over 40,000 entries…


The Essence Of The Redo

I was once told by one of my mentoring professors, “Don’t fall in love with your shit.” At the time, I was resistant to the idea that not everything I made was absolutely perfect. Over time, I’ve learned that flexibility…


Running The Game #HMSTEXAS

Last week, Aleah, Amanda, Catie and I attended, a marketing symposium that identified insights about how Hispanic’s are “Running the Game.” What exactly does that mean? Adrienne Pulido, VP Strategy & Research at EthniFacts, provided statistics about how the Latino…


The Power Of Outdoor

Why is outdoor advertising so powerful? In my opinion, the medium works well for lots of reasons. When you are driving, you tend to enter a more reflective state. You escape the office or your home, and have a moment…

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