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7 Ways To Find Your Brand Evangelists And Keep Them Interested

All businesses know that finding a loyal customer base is key to keeping their brand popular and profits high. Brand evangelism is a form of word-of-mouth marketing where customers voluntarily become advocates and spread the word about a company’s product or service because they truly enjoy and love the product.

Brand evangelists go above and beyond the average customer – preaching items they have bought and praising your business. Brand evangelists are your raving fans and are vital to your company’s marketing strategy. These customers have the ability to promote your brand and generate buzz around your company – saving you time and money – creating the ultimate win-win scenario!

Here are the top 7 ways to discover your brand’s evangelists and how to keep them interested for years to come.

1. Generate Word-Of-Mouth Around Your Brand

Nothing can sell a product like your own customers can. Your business solves a problem for your customer and should generally make their life more pleasant or easier. Nothing can beat the power of word-of-mouth marketing. The first step to finding your brand evangelists is for your business to keep your customers happy. Good experiences make for happy customers and happy customers make for raving reviews about your product, service and brand. Increase brand loyalty by speaking to your target audience and make their lives easier with your product or service.

Living in the digital age, word-of-mouth marketing is now more prevalent than ever before. Customers constantly communicate and share on a variety of social platforms, including blogs, social media networks—like Facebook and Twitter—review sites like Yelp and more. Customers have the power to create a movement around your brand, so keep them interested by staying consistent with the quality of your product or service. These loyal customers can easily turn into brand evangelists or your worst nightmare. It’s up to your brand to lead your evangelists into an effective marketing campaign, boosting your ROI and reputation. The more you put into your customers – the more you get out it. It’s as simple as that.

 2. It Starts From Within Your Brand

Before you can start forming your customers into brand evangelists, you need to establish your positioning as a business. Ultimately, you need to define what your company stands for and what message you are trying to convey to your audience. Your message should be genuine and reflect the company values. The message should also speak to the true value of your product or service, which will then reflect with your audience.

It is essential that you practice what you preach – ensuring every team member understands your company’s mission. By first turning your employees into brand evangelists, they have the tools to better serve customers who are in need, which leads to awesome customer service.

3. Customer Service Is Always, Always Important

Customers have the ability to make or break your brand — so keeping them happy is vital to your business. A customer will always remember their experience with customer service, whether good or bad. So, ensuring customer service representatives provide a good experience to your customers is essential to cultivating brand evangelists.

Don’t take customer concerns lightly—listen to their feedback. By listening to your customers, these can turn into points of improvement and growth for your business. Employees are your first brand ambassadors who will spread your company values onto customers. If your employees understand the company mission, they will not only want to improve the experiences of a customer but deliver relevant results swiftly.

If a customer has a good experience, they’re more likely to write a positive review shared on social media, which will be seen on many screens. Following this tactic alone will pave the path to finding your loyal customers and brand evangelists.

 4. Make It Convenient

Nowadays, people expect information on the Internet to be easily found, readable and shareable. In order for your business to pursue brand evangelism, you need to make it convenient for your customers to leave feedback and share with their friends and family. It is also important to engage with your customers and involve people within the discussion of your brand.

Being transparent with customer feedback is crucial to maintaining brand loyalty. By giving customers a real look inside your company, your brand appears genuinely interested in building trust with consumers. Remember that it all goes back to customer service. When your team is responsive and helpful, consumers will have no difficulty choosing your brand over your competitors.

 5. Be Active On Social Media

The beauty of social media is that it is a direct channel to your customer base. The more you interact with customers on social media, the better the chances that others will join the conversation. Make sure your brand is readily available to answer any questions or grievances – every customer wants to know they are valued.

Maintaining a social media presence that attracts your brand evangelists requires more than just having profiles. Make sure your business is consistent with messaging in every post and activity online.

The worst mistake a business can make is creating social media profiles with no real focus on their audience or, even worse, their brand. Produce content that speaks to your business, using social media as a tool to promote your brand. This will foster brand evangelism and develop a community of active communication and activities for your customers.

 6. Maintain A Community

Remember to stay active on all social media platforms and create an environment where your customers feel free to provide feedback. Keep your customers interested with fun activities such as contests, polls or submissions. By creating incentives, this will bring in positive feedback and create a larger social following to your brand – bringing in more brand evangelists. This way your business maintains a social community where your customers can share opinions and reviews – remember this can only benefit your company.

7. Keep Competitors In Context

Always keep an eye out for your competitors. It’s important to ensure your business stands out and brand evangelists are going to your brand. Now with everything online, it’s pretty easy to keep tabs on competitor’s activities. Make sure your business does not copy your competitors, but uses them as a resource. Use competitors to research ways to differentiate your business, especially in the minds of your customers.

Then it all comes down to your brand versus their brand. Maintain a community of social followers and stay true to your brand values. By staying up-to-date with industry trends, competitor mistakes could be opportunities for your business.

 Discovering Your Brand Evangelists

Following these 7 steps to discover your brand evangelists is a worthwhile investment that will benefit your business and customers. Brand evangelism is an opportunity for financial growth, but also a way to develop sincere relationships within your customers.

Not only will brand evangelism lead to free word-of-mouth marketing, but it will advocate employee satisfaction and happy customers.

That’s the ultimate win-win-win scenario!

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