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The White Hat Way

Award-winning brand campaigns go beyond persuasive, flawlessly-designed creative. Great branding is deeply rooted in a strong, well-considered business strategy driven by rigorous research and exploration. One simply cannot exist without the other.

For every client, we take you on a branding journey of up to five stages. At each stage, we practice a different discipline – a researcher, strategist, artist, builder, director, or surveyor.

The Five Stages
Phase 01

Research & Alignment

Business goals established, we dig in, outline the situation, uncover target needs and identify opportunities.

Objectives & Measurement
Reach alignment (among all constituents) on goals and objectives. Determine the optimal measurement to confirm success.

Situation Discovery
Describe current and historic market situations. List benefits offered by the brand and its competitors. Outline salient market factors, pricing, access and innovations. Landscape? Understand the competition. Investigate market share, creative expressions, regional factors, market maturity and more.

Targets & Segmentation
Discuss demographics, life stage, psychographics and behaviors identify segments. Determine revenue segment and prioritize

Phase 02

Strategy & Brief

The brief is a roadmap for the entire challenge… it summarizes the environment, goals, messaging and executional guidelines.

Campaign Challenge & Direction
Construct brief to include must haves/have nots. Describe before & after environments. State the main promise and the reasons why. All elements must lead to one destination.

Brief Outline
Strategy Type (scarcity, education, pricing…)
Goals & Objectives
Situation Analysis
Target Audience (demos, psychos, life stage)
Current Conversation (before)
Brand Promise
Support Points
Tone & Manner
Desired Conversation (after)
Executional Guidelines

Phase 03

Creative Development

The campaign concept is created first…then applied to the various units, tasks and channels within the campaign.

Developing a Concept
With an approved brief, we develop campaign concepts that fulfill the brand promise. Concepts should communicate main message, convey tonality and be blatantly appealing to the target.

Concept in Hand
With an approved concept, we apply it to all units. Executions may have different tasks or target sub-segments.

Television, Radio
Print, Outdoor
Sales Materials
Website Design & Production
Digital Units (display, landing pages)
Brand Videos
Content Creation
Identity & Design
Social Media

Phase 04

Exposure Plan

Media plans have never reached as big a universe or been able to target as finely. Brands now reach limitless locations and behaviors.

Media Landscape
Today’s media options meet R/F objectives as well as they address behavior, attitudes and advocacy needs. Measurement has advanced so far that optimization is possible mid-campaign. The ability to build awareness, enhance image attributes, generate leads, procure sales…has never been greater.

Television, video
Social Outlets
Email, Direct Mail
PR & Promotions

Phase 05


Innovative measurement tools and analytics…make optimization possible at any juncture.

Analytics and Optimization
Tracking has always impacted marketing, New channels and analytics have made it more precise and actionable. Measuring success /responsiveness allows for customized best practices, better channel selection, forecasting and more buying leverage.

Measurement Options
Intra-site performance analytics
Global site rankings
User feedback surveys
Qualitative customer analytics
Clickstream analytics (Google, Facebook, Twitter)
Custom reporting can take most any form (response, revenue, etc.) and frequency.

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