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Make Your 2014 Marketing Resolution

Here’s to 2014!

A new year, and this is when everyone jumps on the resolution bandwagon. While it may almost be February, now is the more important time to consider your resolution and what that means. Whether it’s to stop smoking or give up sweets, resolutions aren’t easy. I repeat, Resolutions. Are. Not. Easy. Don’t give up!

But not all resolutions are personal, many are specific to your career, whether you are a small business owner or work for a Fortune 500 company. You’ve got to meet the sales goal, increase profits, attract potential customers… oh my!

Marketing and advertising are great tools to help you complete these goals, but only if you set a course of action and keep record of your progress. Finding tips on how to keep a resolution is pretty easy, but here are a few suggestions to help you begin concentrating your marketing efforts.

  1. Define Goals – Like a resolution, you need to be honest with yourself. Define a goal that makes sense and write it down. Plus, you’ll need to establish a budget.
  2. Plan, Plan, Plan – Then, take the time to map out a strategy that you or your team can stick to. You’ve got a budget, but you’ll need to decide how and where to spend that, including how to best reach your target audience.
  3. Integrate – Change is hard, so slowly incorporating little facets of this into your teams’ daily routine or your marketing campaign is important.
  4. Report – Keep track of your progress. Find a way to statistically express what you’ve accomplished. ROI, baby!
  5. Reward – You proved what you did is working, so now those goals and resolutions are met. Be sure to congratulate yourself and your team. All that hard work is worth it!

Whether you need an identity or are looking to change up your current plan, our experience in strategic planning makes us an ideal partner for your business!

With a new year beginning, now is the time to set your goals lofty, make your resolution and (let us help you) finish them!

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