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Outdoor Advertising 101

During March, we were pretty busy at MM. You probably noticed by the lack of blogs that were posted last month. Our apologies!

From brochures to web sites, the accounts team and graphic designers were all hard at work making sure that projects were completed. And like the rest of the team, I also had a lot of projects on my plate – which leads me to this blog post.

Last month I had a lot of projects regarding outdoor media. Whether I was looking for a board somewhere in Sealy, TX or replacing old vinyls with new artwork, it was about finding a great location and creating a board that will:

  • Attract
  • Be Read (easily, of course)
  • Be Recalled

I don’t want to admit this for fear that I may be put back to work again (wink wink), but I enjoy outdoor media. I love looking at the map, sorting through photos and handfuls of locations to determine what billboard best suits a client’s needs. Then, there is the artwork! It’s a challenge to say what you want in seven words or less. Read: The 10 Commandments of Outdoor Advertising

From planning to design, Marketing Matters can help with any outdoor needs. Current clients will tell you that we are going to make sure that an outdoor board meets the three above goals, because it matters to your business.

Aleah likes to joke that I know my way all around Texas (born and raised here!). I definitely can’t say that’s true. I do know that like the song says, “I’ve been everywhere, man” and I really like to look at billboards wherever I go. Maybe that’s just the advertising gal in me.

Coming Soon! I’m excited to say that next week, Karen Goumakos, General Sales Manager at Reagan Outdoor Advertising of Austin is going to guest blog about her take on the outdoor industry. Karen is a great friend of Marketing Matters and past President of the Austin Advertising Federation. She definitely understands the importance of outdoor advertising, its benefits and the Austin market. Read more next week!

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