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McCombs Properties
Social Media

McCombs Properties are luxury communities located in prime real estate locations across Texas…beachside, bayside, lakeside. Each property has a unique voice and culture. Social media assists in creating awareness of the distinctions and provides added pathways to generating qualified leads.

The Challenge

Because of the uncontrolled growth of the existing social media, White Hat executed an audit – analyzing available data – to better understand the current audience make-up, the individual interests and how/why we interact with them.

The resulting (and bigger) challenge involves creating a cohesive social media strategy (for each/all communities) that targets the different audience segments, delivers appropriate content to each…and ultimately delivers more leads and better qualified leads.

Use social media as an effective, non-traditional media channel. Reach the select audiences with the right messages – to drive more and better leads.


The Strategy

From research, we know that straight sales content in social environments is not optimal. The strategy, therefore, is to create highly-targeted content ­­­– by audience segment and community – whether paid units, organic content or new social channels.

All efforts follow the approved messaging framework. And, regardless of platform, all efforts drive prospects to the individual websites. Paid online units focus on the lifestyle attributes and home-owner benefits…organic content engages the audience/raises awareness of locations and amenities…and new social channels (Twitter, Instagram for each community) express differences in personality.

Create highly-targeted (by audience and community) social content – whether using paid units, organic or new social channels.


The Results

Before new objectives and cohesive strategy, no leads were generated by social media. With new platforms (paid and organic), tailored content and traffic funneling, social now generates more than 200 qualified leads per quarter…a direct result of spikes in reach, engagements and click-throughs.

Organic social content:

  • 150% increase in Reach
  • 190% increase in Engagement
  • 190% increase in Clicked Links

Paid social content:

  • 172% increase in Click-throughs
  • Very efficient increase in Reach (more for less)
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