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Dealer Wizard

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Dealer Wizard came to White Hat a handful of years ago to help with branding and their website. Again recently, it was time to turn in the old model for something with sleeker lines and higher conversions.

With a fast-paced and tech-focused brand, it was important that came through in the aesthetic and the functionality of the site. The principles on which Dealer Wizard operates remained the same, the technology just got better so it was important not to diverge from the brand they had been building, but instead just to give it a boost.




The Challenge

Dealer Wizard is not the only one selling equity mining services, however they are the best. Not only is their proprietary software more powerful than the competition, their friendly customer service reps and competitive pricing make them the favorite. With dealers being pulled in so many directions, our challenge was to convey all those things as quickly and easily as possible.

As with most things automotive, the secret to success is that it’s really about both style and performance.




Our strategy was to clearly define our position in consumers’ minds. And we’d do this by eliminating noise and being the solution to whatever problem for which someone is trying to solve.

The way we communicated what we did also needed to reflect how Dealer Wizard works – quickly, easily, and in a way that highlights being technologically savvy.

When you make it easy for someone to say yes, because you already know their pain points and how to solve them… that’s powerful. That’s Dealer Wizard… and what led us to implore dealers to Power Up Your Dealership.

Much like power steering made driving easier, so too does powerful equity mining make hitting sales goals easier.



The Results

The new line paved the way for the rest of the overhaul… driving the creation of electrifying and captivating graphics that come to life on the site, an audio brand mark that gives you chills and digestible and energetic videos that quickly explain how it works with singular calls to action ensure there’s only one way for a visitor to go… scheduling a demo.

We saw ____ more conversions on our demo pages after the update. And there’s no braking now. Based on the “Power Up” update, we anticipate being able to streamline more communications and further tailor content to visitors in the form of landing pages, specific to OEMs, helping further reduce drag and frame the conversation, eliminating time between first touch and conversion. More to come on that soon…






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