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McCombs Properties
Lead Generation

In today’s hypercompetitive luxury real estate market, the best way to hit sales numbers is not only a pipeline filled with qualified leads, but also a sense of urgency on the part of buyers. How do you create a sense of urgency for a second home or vacation property? Scarcity.

The Challenge

McCombs Properties offers the finest in luxury second homes. Each residence is a one-of-a-kind property. Because the target buyer is literally the upper 1%, they are primed to be buyers of luxury second homes.

The task at hand isn’t as simple as driving web traffic or capturing leads. Rather, the challenge is to establish such a feel of exclusivity that buyers are literally drawn to the homes…driven by the fear of missing out. Nothing sells a house better than looking at the view from what could be your deck.

Turn the features – of an exclusive residence and community – into a need for a family homestead…perfect for building memories, hosting generations and creating traditions.


The Strategy

The strategy is two-fold. First, leverage the setting, home and location to impart exclusivity…and even a sense of scarcity. The “fear of missing out” is compelling for buyers who could be hours away.

Second, create tailored communications. Prospective buyers (top 1%) are demographically similar, but, emotionally very different. Emotions are often tied to location type…beachside, bayside, lakeside. Determining the nuanced messaging is critical. The content must employ the triggers to drive buyers to pursue their dream retreats.

Establish a sense of scarcity to drive buyers to home tours…and romance the location triggers of each community to form emotional attachment.

(Well-orchestrated media (print, outdoor, radio, search, social, email and direct mail) drives the right traffic to the right online content, establishes exclusivity and imparts urgency.)


The Results

 “Without a doubt, by creating a sense of urgency in our messaging, White Hat not only converted existing interest into sales, but they successfully shortened the sales cycle of our average prospect.”

Steve Guy
Senior Vice President of Sales

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