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Running The Game #HMSTEXAS

Last week, Aleah, Amanda, Catie and I attended, a marketing symposium that identified insights about how Hispanic’s are “Running the Game.”

What exactly does that mean?

Adrienne Pulido, VP Strategy & Research at EthniFacts, provided statistics about how the Latino population and workforce is swelling. Their purchasing power is growing and pacing to overtake all other Americans combined, which gives Latino’s the buying power of the brands they buy. It’s all in the numbers, and thanks to Pulido, we have the data to prove it.

Pew research on Hispanic demographics indicates that first and second generations will play a large role in the nation’s future growth. Before 2050, both generations plus children are projected to grow to 160 million and will be 37% of America’s population.

More interestingly, the attitudes of this group are even more significant. Latinos in Texas and across the world look to other successful Latinos as role models, and take brands they support to heart. Pedro Herrera, aka Chingo Bling, gave a TEDTalk-style session about his life and earning success his way. Herrera has recently crossed boundaries from marketing his own brand to partnering with companies such as Pizza Patron® as an influencer, creating unique content for large brands geared towards Latino’s.

Making a choice to dedicate part of your budget towards Hispanic marketing is a smart decision. The opportunity to reach them is there – just ask us how! We have several clients in house that have consciously begun marketing towards the Latino market.

And after all conferences, a time for fun is necessary! El After Party featuring Don Julio was a hit. So who had the most fun at the symposium? Here is a quick blurb from each Account Manager about what they learned or enjoyed most!

  • Aleah: It was great to learn more about the resources available to help advertisers and agencies specifically target the Latino market in Austin. The Statesman’s Ahora Si! and Univision can provide data, research and strategy specific to reaching Hispanics. There is also the Greater Austin Hispanic Chamber of Commerce which can be a great reference and partner.
  • Amanda: It was great learning about the different backgrounds and stories from many of the speakers, especially Marisa Trevino. She persevered through a lot of rejection and criticism and created one of the most influential news sites in the US, Latina Lista. Many women in business can learn a lot from her and how she stuck with her instincts.
  • Catie: The session discussing iBeacon blew my mind. This incredible (borderline creepy) technology is a game-changer for marketers targeting Hispanics, but also people with mobile devices in general. I’m interested to see how quickly people adapt.
  • Trevlyn: What a great event! I learned a great deal about how other groups are targeting the Latino culture and why they consider it important. I enjoyed hearing the many stories of successful Texas Latinos, it was inspiring and impressive!
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