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Social Media Do’s And Don’ts

buttonAs an Account Manager at MM, I help manage several of my client’s Facebook pages with the help of Amanda, our resident social media guru. This leads me to the entire reason for this post:

A few weeks ago, I was lounging around at home enjoying some free time watching an episode of Bravo’s Housewives (I have an obsession) and scrolling through my Facebook. After reading a few entertaining posts and avoiding a Facebook message from my mom, I noticed I had one new notification! This is always good news, apart from one more person inviting me to play Farmville – please don’t.

I check my notifications. This is every social media manager / business owner’s favorite moment: the discovery that a user has interacted with your business, whichever social media platform it is. Wonderful, you think! I can only imagine the delightful comments that he/she may has added.

But this isn’t always the case. In today’s world users embrace social media as a resource and a way to reach brands. People and brands interact simultaneously, leaving a paper trail for a lot of people to see.

So, it becomes a matter of managing your brand wisely. And in 2013, we’ve seen a lot of big companies make crucial mistakes. Check out this list of the 10 Worst Social Media Fails. I beg of you, please don’t be like them!

With that in mind, we decided we wanted to put together a “Do’s & Don’t’s of Social Media” to share. Together and with the help of our interns, we’ve created a collection of our best advice for social media; from what to post to how often to post, and it does include best practices for when you may be in the limelight.


  • DO: Image-centric content is becoming more appealing to consumers
  • DO: Embrace some negativity – studies show that a little negativity on a social media site is seen as credible
  • DON’T: Use social media to overtly sell – instead use it to educate, information and entertain to show your expertise in the field

You can always check out more information here about common mistakes and how to avoid them.

Oh, and the client’s post? A great question from a fan who was concerned about an issue. And while it could be skewed more negative than positive, we were able to resolve the concern by offering advice and the contact information for someone directly at the company. No problem!

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