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In the Name of (Brand) Love.

How to Make Sparks Fly With Consumers in The Digital Age

It’s February, which means one thing – love is in the air. Brand love, that is.

Thanks to Digital Marketing and Social Media in today’s advertising landscape, we’ve been provided with a unique opportunity to showcase our brands more intimately than ever before. Consequently, that means now more than ever, consumers are enamored with the idea of brand love.

Let’s face it – the connections consumers make with brands can run deep and have emotional ties. But how do you really made those authentic, genuine connections with consumers who love your brand the most?

It all starts with fostering brand loyalty.

Simply put, brand loyalty is a consumer’s commitment to your brand. It’s that inspirational, butterflies-in-your-stomach type of dedication that makes consumers want to buy your product or engage with your brand – again, and again, and again. Fostering brand loyalty and achieving brand evangelism is certainly a labor of love, but when done correctly it can create amazing, long lasting relationships between your brand and its consumers.

1. Know Who You Really Are

Before you can make any sort of connection with the consumer, you must fully understand what makes your brand unique. What defines your brand as different? Special? What will make consumers flock to your brand again and again?

2. You Must Know Your Type

Yes, you have a type, because your target audience can’t be “everyone.” When establishing brand messaging, paint a picture of who your ideal consumer will be. Understanding your target demographic is key to find those consumers who would be a perfect match for your brand and increase the likelihood of those consumers sticking around in the long run.

3. Always Remember That It’s a Two-Way Street

Much like a romantic relationship, you can’t expect your consumers to put in all the work. If you want your consumers to pull a Tom Cruise and tell the whole world about their love, you must continue to delight the consumer in unique ways and make your consumers feel special. Think of your social media efforts as a focus group starring your most important constituents. Listen to their opinion and initiate a dialogue so you can understand what drives their purchasing decisions, and recalibrate your messaging accordingly.

4. Deliver On Your Promises

You know that old saying “actions speak louder than words?” The same holds true in the world of marketing. In a digital world oversaturated with advertising, consumers won’t stay loyal to your brand unless you deliver, remain consistent and stay true to your promises. With the proliferation of social commenting and sharing, companies who don’t stand by their promises don’t last.

5. Keep the Passion Alive

Focus on the long term. If you want to keep those sparks alive, learn how to develop strategies that surprise and captivate your consumers. Strategies could be as simple as a giveaway to those extra-special fans, or as strategic as a redesign of your brand’s logo. Always keep in mind authentic, innovative ways you can exceed the expectations of those who love your brand the most.

Spread Your Brand Love

Fostering a committed, loyal consumer base doesn’t happen overnight. Much like a romantic relationship, it takes time, commitment and patience. So show some love to your customers and watch your brand love grow in return.

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