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20 Real Housewives GIFs Everyone In Advertising Will Understand

20 Real Housewives GIFs Everyone in Advertising Will Understand

1) When you see your Accounts team killing a new business pitch:








They are on fire, and you can’t help but sit back in amazement.

2) When you’re office manager asks you what kind of snacks you want in the office:









So maybe it’s not a snack, but it still sounds good right?

3) When your client gives you permission to try something different:









So maybe you go a little overboard, but it’s all in the best interest of the client.

4) When you’re trying to explain to the copywriter what you want:









..but you just don’t have the words to express what it is you need…

5) When everyone tries to get into your meeting because they heard the client was providing lunch:









Because there’s no such thing as a free lunch right?

6) When you realize you haven’t moved your eyes from your screen in hours:









Eye strain is a real problem, you’ve got to remember to take breaks from Photoshop.

7) When you’re unexpectedly asked to speak in an early morning meeting:









Sometimes you just have to buy yourself some time and make it seem like you were prepared.

8) When you’re interviewing people for new Social Media positions:









You know we can check that, right?

9) When someone’s birthday rolls around in the office, but you’re cutting carbs:









It’ll be “just this one time.”

10) When you see one of your ads run during Super Bowl:









Yeah, you’re a star.. Shine bright..

11) When your boss says you can leave work early:









Run… Fast… Before a client emails…

12) When you see the new girl at the office holiday party:









She came with a mission.

13) When you have a big project that’s due to the client by the end of the week:









Oh, yeah, and they cut the budget.

14) When you’re working on quarterly reports and you just can’t take it anymore:









Sorry, no PTO during EOQ reporting.

15) When you’re over budget and under deadline on a campaign:









Because even though you’re stressed, you can’t slack on the job.

16) When you’re asked to take on additional job responsibilities:









You want to grow your position, just not right now…

17) What the office hears when the Social and Digital departments chime in in a meeting:









It’s like trying to understand driving directions in Russian.

18) When you finally get an invite to a SXSW party, but it ends up in your Junk Email folder:









It’s one of the worst feelings. Trust us.

19) When you copy a client on an internal email on accident:









There’s no good way to recover.

20) When you finally get paid:









We don’t make as much as doctors or lawyers, but we love what we do and are lucky to have jobs that allow us to express ourselves inside and outside of work. We wouldn’t dream of doing anything else.


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