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10 People You Meet In An Ad Agency

10 People You Meet In An Ad Agency

There are some people you are more than likely going to stumble upon while working at an ad agency. Let me introduce you to ten of them:

Account Manager

The Highly-Organized During Chaos Account Manager”:

She always has her ducks in a row and they never stray. Organization is key and she has documents to prove it. She has her own schedule and timeline for things and makes sure that everyone is on the same page even when things get chaotic. We all thank this girl!


“The Company Clown”:

This is the guy that walks in and everyone’s day is automatically brightened by his presence and infectious laughter. Even on a Monday he knows how to tell a good joke or get the ball rolling.


“The Really Creative Creatives”:

Although you can only draw a stick figure and probably not successfully, these guys never fail to create magic and do so effortlessly. They know music that you never would have heard of and drink coffee like it’s their job.


“The Finance Maven”:

This is the person who you swear has a calculator implanted in their head. They remind you of that math class you couldn’t pass in college and those times that even addition was hard. Want to be friends with her? Read the Wall Street Journal and learn the lingo.

Frustrated writer woman

Mavis Beacon’s Protégé”:

You can always see and hear her firing away at her keys, smoke leaving the keyboard with her face set on the screen. Mistakes are typically responded to with the smashing of the backspace key. Yeah, Mavis Beacon has nothing on her.

Momma Hen

“The Momma Hen”:

Always making the new chicks feel like they are at home. She is the warm and sweet lady of the office and has a way of taking the newbies under her wing.


“The Intern”:

That person in the corner that you aren’t sure you know the name of yet so you address them with “Hey!” but you do notice that they come in three to four times a week to answer phones and ask questions. Yeah, that’s your intern.


“The Hacker”:

There second language consists of 0’s and 1’s, and to be honest, they could probably hack into your computer or any computer for that matter at any point in the day. Also known as your programmers and IT guys, they sort of make you think that they were the ones who created the matrix.

Two golfers sit in a golf cart, smiling and looking at the camera, on a beautiful coastal links golf course in Devon. Axe Cliff Golf Club, Axmouth, Devon

The Client’s Best Friend”:

These guys and gals sure do know how to get the client on their good side. Clients love these guys because of their charming personality and warm demeanor. It’s not unusual for them to be “working” on the weekends playing a couple of rounds with their clients, or treating them to a fine dining experience.

Businessman Freedom Relaxation Getaway Refreshment Concept

“The Early Bird”:

Always in the office before you and everyone else for that matter even when you leave those extra 30 minutes early. You swear he never eats, sleeps, or leaves the office. Even at 7:00am he has his eyes pasted to the computer screen, working vigorously. He probably even managed to get the whole office bagels for the morning.

Guy In Beanie

“The Cool Shoe Guy”:

He wears things that you couldn’t even think to wear and has the newest Nike releases to boot. Graphic design and social media come easy for him and let’s be real, this guy has it going on and you wish you were him.

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