Award-winning brand campaigns go beyond persuasive, flawlessly-designed creative. Great branding is deeply rooted in a strong, well-thought-out business strategy that is driven by rigorous research. One simply cannot exist without the other.

For every client/project, we take you on a branding journey marked by six distinct stages. And at each stage, we inhabit a different role—researcher, strategist, artist, builder, director, surveyor—that when combined creates branding gold.

This is the White Hat Way.

Stage 1 – Research

The journey begins with us peering into your brand so as to comprehend your business goal better. With your business goal in our sight, we can identify opportunities as we research the target audience and develop your brand strategy.

Research & Analysis: Competitive Analysis, Consumer Insights, Brand Awareness Studies, Market Insights, Demographic Target Segmentation + Analysis:  Audits;  Social Media and PR.

 Stage 2 – Strategy

It’s better to have a well-thought out plan. To that end, this is where we analyze and turn our research into a brand strategy with a connecting message that moves the needle with customers as well as the bottom line.

Strategy: Brand Positioning, Brand Personality, Brand Strategy with Connecting Message, Brand Platform.

Stage 3 – Creative

Let’s get creative! With your customized brand strategy in hand, we tap into our creative team to craft your brand promise and develop creative tactics that connect back to the strategy.

Possible Creative Tactics:  Brand Identity for Digital, Print, Radio, TV, Outdoor, Video Production, Direct Mail, Promotional, POS, Experiential, Product Design, Packaging; Online: Web Design, Email Marketing, Landing Pages.

Stage 4 – Develop

By finding your brand truths, we can start pulling together a strong coherent image of your company. In this phase we build out your brand strategy by orchestrating all the creative as well as brainstorming the best ways to communicate your brand to the world.

Develop Components: Develop  Approved Creative Tactics: Marketing Plan; Online: Web Development, SEO, SEM ads, Social Media, Content Marketing; PR: PR and Media Relations planning, Brand Content and Event Planning.


Stage 5 – Activate

We have brand lift off. The day we’ve all been waiting for finally arrives with the launch of your brand campaign. And from here, we move from create to engage with the intent of undeniably bonding the customer to your brand.

Activation: Launch all approved campaigns which may include: Marketing Campaign, Community Engagement, SEM, PR, Social Media, Event production; Launch Website, Email Marketing, Lead Generation Campaigns, Branded Content Placement.

Stage 6 – Measure & Optimize

The last hat we tip is our White Hat. Using business intelligence and monitoring reports, we watch over your brand campaign to ensure the beat of your brand remains strong.

Monitoring: Our agency uses an array of tools customized to monitor and then report the results of your campaign. We use these results to continue to optimize the campaign.